luni, 3 iunie 2013

Why I am an awful human being

      I thought I would never feel that bad, I thought I would never cry so hard until the night before. I can't understand how much we can hurt the people we love most, people who would do everything for our happiness.
     But sometimes, I screw it the worst way possible. It's like when I'm not in a good mood, I  punish everyone who doesn't want to leave me alone by saying a lot of things that I really don't intent to say and when I calm down, I'm like "What the fuck Mich, why have you said that shit?" And of course, it's too late. I can't turn back time to change them, so I have to bear the consequences. It's horrible how you refused to talk to me and piece by piece, my hurt was torn. I  didn't apologize, because I know my sorry wouldn't change a thing. But what's worse, I almost made you cry. I know you were keeping your tears for yourself, and I could feel that by the sound of your voice. In that moment, I felt like the last person in the world, who deserved to die.
     In the morning, when I woke up, you came to me smiling and hughed me to death, like nothing had happened. Then you gave me a fucking awesome pendant with two skulls and we didn't talk about that evening anymore.
        I love you, Mom!

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